The TRIAGE Web Graphs Online Demo

We have made a demo of TRIAGE Web Graphs available via the VIS-SENSE website. The demo provides visitors to our website with the opportunity to explore clusters discovered using VIS-SENSE technologies. Each cluster comes with a detailed description of the insights gained through its analysis.

The prototype can be accessed here.

In the following paragraphs, a brief description of the usage of the prototype is provided. After starting the demo, the desired cluster can be selected using the drop-down list in the top-right corner of the screen. Selecting a cluster and clicking on the Load button will load a node-link diagram in the main view, as well a a description in the left-hand panel. A thumbnail overview is shown in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Click and drag anywhere on the background of the main view to pan. Use your mouse wheel or zoom slider to zoom in or out. When zooming and panning the overview is refreshed to show the position of the current view in the overall diagram. Selecting a node filters the displayed edges to its incomming and outgoing links. These are also shown in detail in the left panel. Each link is displayed as a URL which can be selected to navigate through the graph.

There are a number of buttons below the zoom slider. These provide the following functions:

  • The magnifying glass toggles the lens mode, which enables the exploration of smaller node and text strings with the mouse cursor.
  • The hide-edges button toggles the visibility of the edges of the graph.
  • The M button toggles the ability to move nodes. Note that the panning and zooming are deactivated while the nodes are movable.
  • The E button enables the adjustment of edge width.
  • The N button enables the adjustment of node size.
  • The L button enables the adjustment of label sizes.
  • The D button outputs the current view as a png file.
  • The ? button shows information about the author of the tool and the libraries used.